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A first step towards the realization of our community. Next step: @Unirocket_bot (request made) @CMC @Coingecko @ Centralized Exchange @Partneship (We may have found a good partner. Stay tuned) @NFT @Marketing @ World charity with actual evidence of fund transfer Website : Join our community on our channels Telegram: Twitter: Medium: Github: Do you want to know how the project was launched? HUA was born on the pancakeswap blockchain with the following token redistribution: 5% of the pool will be blocked for 2 months for using in partnerships 45% of initial token have been burned after listing 2% fee per transaction, 1% to hold and 1% to burn (if 70% BURNED: 0.6% to HOLD and 1.4% to BURN) 50% of the initial token will be used to create you pool on Pancakeswap + 2BNB 100% community token Liquidity locked forever Ownership is renounced - Where can you buy HUA? (increases slippage to 11%) Where can you see the performance of HUA? Vote for us and join the community.
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