🧙‍♂️🐕❗️WHY DogeA$$?❗️🐕🧙‍♂️
✨🐕In the past few months, thousands of new crypto tokens have been created on the Binance Smart Chain. These projects had different concepts and Tokenomics, various names and different marketing approaches, but they all have one thing in common: The shape of their chart on PooCoin, an inverted parabolic curve. Why is that? 
Most projects promise the Moon: a high-risk high-return approach, which is heavily based on hype, marketing, and encourages investors to get in early and drop their investment rapidly. 
Many projects have attempted to hide and fight this cycle, but very few have succeeded. Even the powerhouses with massive marketing budgets have reached their peaks and are now as low as they started.
By channeling the strength of our community, DogeAss is the first project on the Binance Smart Chain that is not scared to be fully honest with its investors. All anyone wants is to Moon, and for that, community members and developers alike have to play their part: Shill, marketing, shill, marketing, and more shilling. 
Every day, the community is asked to complete a precise set of shilling tasks. Thanks to the 10% Marketing fee in our Tokenomics, this project is guaranteed to prolong the initial stages of "hype" and attract new investors, while converting early-stage investors into long-term holders. We're here to stay. If you believe in our philosophy, join our movement!
💥 Total Tax: 22%
💥 Redistribution: 2%
💥 Liquidity: 10%
💥 Marketing Development: 9%
💥 Burn: 1%
💫This is not just another meme token, it's a fresh project inspired by lovely and faithful dog. Vested with a promising use cases and can compete with the holistic demand of the market and the Crypto Community