⚈ Information
⚈ Maximum supply: 1,000,000,000
⚈ Circulating supply (updated 23 Nov 2021): 42,347,475
⚈ Total supply: 42,382,500
⚈ Market Cap
Market Cap = Current Price * Circulating Supply
Because token price is dynamic, you need to do a simple calculation to get the market cap at the moment.
To get circulation, go to the Distribution Updates section.
⚈ Exchanges
📑About Numbers Protocol
Numbers Protocol is a decentralized photo network that combines the latest in web3.0 and content provenance technology to address core issues in the digital media space; namely ownership, copyright, provenance, ecosystem and accessibility. The foundation of our network is our Capture, Seal, Trace protocol which turns ordinary raw images into "Captures", multilayered information containers with embedded context, creator, owner and sealed block chain record.
In Numbers, we believe everyone is a single number. A single number may mean nothing by itself, but together we become powerful and can make changes.
📑NUM Tokens
NUM is the native protocol token for the Numbers Protocol Decentralized Photo Network. As a utility token, NUM holders can utilize the token to pay for services within the network. These services, which we refer to as Network Actions, include asset registration, listing onto network marketplaces, and storage onto more robust forms of decentralized storage. As the Numbers ecosystem develops, the number of Network Actions will increase and stretch into other areas such as social media, news, gaming and entertainment.
📑Token Contracts
Please kindly be noted, since users may use bridges to port tokens between each network, the circulating supply MAY NOT equal to the number appearing on the token metrics. If you are interested in knowing how many tokens were minted for each distribution, check the minting transactions. The total sum would match.
📑Contact info: