🐕🌌🪐 DOGE X VERSE 🪐🌌🐕
Doge X verse The powerful metaverse protocol a hyper reflection token with tax reduction & delayed dev burn , The biggest project that pays DOGECOIN as a dividend to its holders.
✅ DOGEX holders will earn a 15% Reward in DOGE COIN (DOGE) reflections for every BUY/SELL (Min. 2,000 Tokens).
✅ 6 Months LOCKED Liquidity. 
✅ Deflationary token with automatic stake and rewards distribution 15% DOGE 
✅ Future utilities: BSC Chart, Dapp Dev Rating System, NFT Market and GameDefi , MetaVerse Stake and pool
✅ KYC + Audit. 
✅Great Dashboard to check your balance in real time
1️⃣ Official Telegram: https://t.me/dogexverseofficial
3️⃣ Website:
4️⃣ Presale link: