CHINU - Chubby Inu (the anti-scam token)
listed on CMC and CG about a week ago
liquidity is locked
live on Bilaxy
mcap ~$2.5M (half of what it says on dextools due to inception burn)
less than 3 weeks old
unique original contract, not another memecoin copy cat like so many others
perfect tokensniffer score
about 1100 holders
This is not just another dog meme token with no utility case. The devs for CHINU are hard at work building an anti-scam, staking-driven utility app which will help with detecting scams and rugs early on so that you won't get dunked on. CHINU's prime goal is to make sure your money is safe and secure. How? Well the devs have already thought about some things and taken associated precautions:
locked liquidity for 3 months (until the transition to Uniswap V3 for better dividends to holders)
adaptive contract with frequent blacklisting of bot addresses
tokenomics that constantly add to the liquidity pool as a built in defense for soft-rug attempts.
Did you look at the dextools page and get worried that all sales are from one or two addresses? Do they end with Aa26 and 488d? These are not bots but a part of the unique contract of CHINU. the Aa26 address is the 1inch router address and the 488d address is the Uniswap router address. The contract uses new solidity RFI mechanics and all sells are routed through these addresses and redistributed in the following ways:
4% back to holders (ARF)
3% to a charity wallet
3% to the liquidity pool.
Which equals to a 10% tax on sells. This not only encourages holders to hold on to CHINU, but also works as an insulating effect against large sells (to a degree). This shows that the devs have considered how to protect holders' value and want to make this a legitimate and stable project. With various developments on the horizon like The Kennel app to help spot scams and rugs, CHINU has a future that will transcend what it means to be a memecoin and will turn into a useful long-held token with substantially profitable utility.
But here's why I think this token will explode in value once people get their eyes on it:
Chubby Inu's contract is designed in an intelligent way that protects value when volume is low by taxing sellers and rewarding holders, and takes advantage of higher volume periods to add to liquidity for protection from any future instability.
Chubby Inu has a dedicated community with active devs and members willing to contribute both creatively and economically to ensure the stability and long-term value of the project. You can see this in the remarkable level of art, music, and other media production, far above what similar marketcap tokens are turning out.
Chubby Inu's marketcap is incredibly low compared to comparable projects, meaning that a realization of similar value would drive up the price at least 50-100x from where it is currently. The charts prove how ironhanded the holders are when it was pumping recently against BTC and ETH testing low levels.
Even in a bear market, Chubby Inu will continue to provide value to holders when they release the proprietary opportunistic multichain staking app and contract auditing service for staked holders, ensuring that even when scams are at an all time high, you will be able to buy into projects across ERC, BSC, and FTM that have been awarded a passing grade, allowing holders of Chubby Inu to thrive in both bull and bear markets.
ERC20 contract: 0x910985ffa7101bf5801dd2e91555c465efd9aab3