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FIX Sumcoin Rate Source - remove SatoExchange
SUM/USD - URGENT SatoExchange is incorrect. Please view the sumcoin readme on GitHub for rate sources. Please find the email sent to your team which says in part: Hello, We saw you added Sumcoin to the Blockfolio app, which we thank you for and are excited to see. Our community is very large and we hope to be able to bring many more users to your wonderful app. However, please note there seems to be a huge misunderstanding reached regarding how you've arrived at the rate data. There seems to be none at all, or only data from one exchange with incorrect data I am writing to ask and appreciate in advance your swift attention in addressing the inclusion of Sumcoins Index rate source. Sumcoin Index (SUM) is an index based coin which means its price is determined by an algorithm and has been this way for 2 years. We saw you are not pulling the rate data from the Sumcoin Index rate source that the 3300+ General Bytes ATM use, Exchanges, Wallet Apps, Trezor, MiningPoolStats and so many others. Blockfolio is very well known of course and our devs look at this as a very big problem for those who've bought/sold Sumcoin at the Index rate but aren't able to see the same info on Blockfolio as other platforms show. Regarding the "SatoExchange", we do not recognize this as a legitimate exchange and did not ask to be listed on it. We would ask you NOT include it in your app and instead only use sources with correct rate info and at this time. Please review the Github Readme And please include the Sumcoin Index rate Source as used by all the above platforms Rate API Sources Used by General Bytes ATM's World Wide Mining Pool Stats - See Rate and MC Altexchanger Probitex Slice Wallet App I am also including a link to Historical Historical 1 Year USD Data (sql) Follow us on Twitter at:
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